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With a success rate of over 70%,

the McGuire Programme will work for you!

We measure success by the real evidence - continuous improvement!

Our success rate is something we're really proud of! We consider a successful graduate as one that continually improves their speech, perceptions, attitudes and confidence. Imagine socialising freely or fluently delivering a speech from start to finish? If you'd like to see yourself doing this, then the McGuire Programme is for you.

So what's the McGuire difference?

  • It's the world's only speech therapy programme, developed and run by people who are working on their stutter - so we know exactly how you feel
  • Based on a holistic view, we teach sustainable and proven techniques to help you communicate more eloquently
  • We're not speech therapists. We don't promise a "cure" for stuttering, because frankly, there isn't one
  • It empowers its Graduates to help other stutterers progress
  • There is strength, honesty and depth in our unlimited, lifetime support network
  • It positively changes people's lives. Many of our graduates have achieved awards and recognition from speaker's clubs such as Toastmasters. See their success stories on this website or more on our international website:
  • It's not a "fly by night" programme

Speak confidently in 4 days (plus get all the tools you need) !

With your 100% commitment, this programme will have you speaking confidently in just 4 days! However, there is no miracle 4-day cure for stuttering. The end of the 4-day intensive course is just the start of your recovery. Transferring the new techniques, beliefs and attitudes to real-life speaking situations is the real challenge. Our ongoing coaching and support network will give you all the help you need along your journey, like:

  • A 4-day course that includes: The Mechanics of speech, Techniques to overcome stuttering and fear of speaking, Physiology and Psychology of stuttering, Self-acceptance and confidence building, non-avoidance techniques and how to speak in public
  • The McGuire Handbook
  • A personal coach to guide you after graduating
  • A Six-Week Follow-Up Workbook with a structured support plan
  • Weekly or fortnightly support groups - offers mutual support, the opportunity to build friendships and the chance to practise the techniques
  • Refresher courses to increase your skills understanding of the technique
  • Telephonic support by trained and experienced graduates
  • On-line support-connect to a world-wide Internet discussion group with voice, text and E-mail facilities
  • Training opportunities for graduates looking to expand their knowledge and skills to help others

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."
Dale Carnegie